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What is the “Guide for food entrepreneurs?”

Do you wish to start a business in the food sector but have no clue how it all works? Do you want to know the most important steps you have to take to start your project in the food sector? Don’t panic! Whether you’re a caterer, an ice-cream vendor, restaurant holder, or still an entrepreneur in the making, we factor in every profile by proposing different types of business approaches for your project in the food sector.

Thanks to our “guide for food entrepreneurs”, you can profit from numerous advantages at your disposal in the form of advice, and tips and tricks from our experts in order to make your project succeed.

There are some questions, of course, you have to ask yourself to launch your project like:

  • What kind of educational qualifications do you need?

  • Which permits or licenses are required?

  • How to finance the investments?

  • How to calculate your profitability?

  • Which hygiene rules have to be followed in your own infrastructure?

  • How to become organic, local, or part of the circular economy?

In this guide for food entrepreneurs you can quickly and efficiently read how to start your project as a food entrepreneur in the best way possible by asking the essential questions before launching it.

This guides helps you better understand:

  • Net worth

  • External investors

  • Crowdfunding

  • Support from the public sector

  • Rules, permits and licenses

  • Profitability

To conclude, in addition to the advantages of all the support, coaching and consulting by our experts concerning your food project we also offer this practical guide with the purpose of handing you all the necessary tools to best launch or improve your project. It’ll serve as a reference so you won’t make any mistakes and especially so you don’t miss any important rules regarding food entrepreneurship.

As you know, here at BeCook! It's our mission to help you succeed at your food project and to offer you the tools you need to get there.

How to get this guide for food entrepreneurs?

This guide is completely free! On our website, you’ll find a button ‘Guide for food entrepreneurs’. When you click it, you can download the guide in three languages! Or you could just click the link here.

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