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About us

L'équipe d ebecook

We provide you with professional and individual kitchens so that you can launch your concept in real conditions, thanks to the   advice from our experts, and all this according to cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Take advantage of storage space, commercial support as well as an individual work environment and a kitchen space, while guaranteeing serenity and discretion when making exceptional preparations. Discover our kitchens with a virtual tour by clicking on their name just below! 

Fully equipped, our kitchens will meet your expectations and enable you to cook in compliance with strict hygiene standards.

Our coaching services will help you succeed in your project, because BeCook doesn't just want to offer you premises, we want to help you succeed in concrete terms by accompanying you.


Let's take the example of Camille, 32, who wants to get into the food business by offering gourmet hot dishes. Camille was looking for premises in which to produce and store her products, and BeCook was the ideal solution.


After looking at the price offer (provided during the visit to the BeCook premises), Camille opted for one of the packages and, after signing the contract and paying, obtained access to the kitchens. She can now come to work whenever she likes, depending on availability, 24/7.

To find out if she can rent a particular kitchen, Camille checks the schedule to see if the kitchen she wants is available at the time she wants to work. Once she's booked, all she has to do is get in the kitchen and prepare some delicious meals.

Camille is just starting out and doesn't yet have a clear idea of her business plan and hygiene standards: don't panic, she can call on a food coach to learn more on the subject.

Whether you're like Camille, who wants to be present several days a week, or you want to come in 2 mornings a month, whether you want to launch an online catering service or start a foodtruck, BeCook will enable you to store, produce and package your dishes!

Join the community of entrepreneurs in the BeCook spaces! in a pleasant and caring atmosphere that accompanies you throughout your experience. 

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