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Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen Laboratory rental: prepare your recipes with excellence

Are you looking for a fully equipped professional kitchen laboratory to develop and produce your culinary creations? BeCook offers kitchen labs for rent to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a passionate caterer, an ambitious chef or an entrepreneur in the food industry, our kitchen lab rental service is designed to provide you with an optimal, functional workspace.

Kitchen laboratory prices: Affordable rates for your dream kitch

The cost of a kitchen lab can vary according to your activity. To rent a BeCook kitchen lab, you'll need a monthly package (Silver Member/Gold Member) from €200 to €300 + prices per hour of cooking starting at €15 ex VAT, depending on the package you choose.


Contact us for more information on rates and for any questions you may have.

Shared Kitchen Laboratory: Collaborate and Exchange with Passion

Although kitchens are rented individually, our spaces at BeCook are shared with other entrepreneurs with a passion for cooking, so you benefit from a shared workspace with a pleasant, friendly atmosphere that supports you throughout your experience. This solution reduces costs while benefiting from a fully-equipped kitchen laboratory. The collaborative pratented kitchen lab encourages the exchange of ideas, creative synergies and networking opportunities within the culinary community.


To find out more about shared kitchens, cokitchens and kitchen coworking, visit our shared kitchen rental page.

Rental of kitchen laboratory premises

Are you looking for a specific kitchen space to rent? Our offer includes premises tailored to your culinary requirements. Whether you need a hot, cold, large or small kitchen, or a specific environment to develop your culinary concept, we can help you find the ideal premises. Click on each image to see a virtual tour of each kitchen.

La denrée

  • Diamond fridge

  • Small standard equipment (racks, whisks, scales, etc.)

Chez septime














  • Superbly equipped hot kitchen

  • 10-deck ovens 

  • Pans

  • Large saute pan

  • Stainless steel tables

  • Diamond fridge

  • Rapid cooler

  • Small standard equipment (pots, pans, dishes, etc.)

Le grand pôle


  • Cold kitchen

  • Diamond fridge

  • Small standard equipment (potholders, whisks, etc.)



Le petit pôle

  • Cold kitchen

  • Small standard equipment, such as a food processor and a mixer

2019-02-08 16.27.52.jpg

Catering laboratory for hire: a space to suit your needs

As a passionate caterer, you need a kitchen laboratory specially designed to meet your requirements. Our catering laboratory rental service offers you a fully equipped workspace tailored to your needs. You'll have access to a wide range of professional kitchen utensils, specialized appliances and facilities that comply with the strictest hygiene standards.

Standards catering laboratory: develop your business in complete safety

In Belgium, catering laboratories must comply with certain standards and regulations to ensure food safety and product quality. Here are some of the important standards to follow:

  1. Hygiene standards: Catering laboratories must comply with strict hygiene standards established by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (AFSCA). This includes rules regarding the cleanliness of personnel, equipment, surfaces and facilities.

  2. Product traceability: Caterers must be able to trace the origin of the ingredients used in their preparations and provide complete information on the allergens present in their dishes.

  3. Storage temperature: Food should be stored at appropriate temperatures to prevent chain breakage or spoilage.

  4. Staff training: Staff working in the catering laboratory should receive adequate training in food hygiene, food handling and good manufacturing practices.

  5. Quality control: Catering laboratories must have quality control procedures in place to ensure that their products meet established standards.

  6. Authorizations and registrations: The catering laboratories must obtain the necessary authorizations from the competent authorities and register with the FASFC.

It is essential to respect these standards to guarantee the safety of consumers and to maintain the reputation of your catering laboratory. 

Are you a caterer? Visit our page ofkitchen for rent for caterer

Pastry laboratory for rent

If you are a budding pastry chef or an experienced professional looking for a fully equipped workspace, our pastry laboratory rental service is for you! Enjoy an environment dedicated to creating sweet delights, with state-of-the-art equipment to bring your creations to life. All our kitchens can adapt to your creations and we can find the perfect kitchen for you

Pastry Laboratory Cost:

The cost of renting a pastry laboratory depends on several factors such as the location, the size of the space, the duration of the rental and the equipment provided. With us, the prices of the kitchens are the same for all activities. 

Pastry Laboratory Standards:

Food safety and quality are our priority. By using our pastry laboratory correctly, strictly adhering to the hygiene and food safety standards established by the competent authorities, you will be able to work with complete peace of mind and allow you to create delicious pastries in complete safety.

Join the community of entrepreneurs in the BeCook spaces! in a pleasant and caring atmosphere that accompanies you throughout your experience. 

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