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food coaching

Coaching sessions just for you!

Thanks to our expertise in the field of management and production processes, BeCook can help you draw up a business plan and an optimal hygiene plan (HACCP).

In addition, we’ll help you anticipate and solve any mistakes to efficiently increase your production and improve the profitability of your project. We offer you a follow-up twice a month to keep up with the pace.


Benefit from our expert advice with the 6-step methodology!

​BeCook! offers you guided production monitoring by Sara Dirkx, co-founder and previous manager. With many years of experience in research and development of food, including “free from” and organic food, Sara will support you in improving production processes.


Philippe Thewissen, co-founder and previous manager, offers you a Business Consultancy. With more than 25 years of experience in the business world, he helps start-ups and SMEs in order to establish their business strategy and improve their performance.


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Nowadays, the food industry needs to digitalize in order to improve and increase its visibility. That's why we went more deeply into 2 fundamental points which will allow you to optimize the performance and thus to improve the development of your company.

The tools of our partners help you to:

  • Manage your business easily and efficiently

  • Plan and obtain safety reports and monitor the execution of these tasks

Discover BeCook! 

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School/university visit

FORMULA A (45min)

Visit an incubator that provides professional kitchens to entrepreneurs and start-ups wishing to engage in sustainable food production and manufacturing. Since the beginning of the adventure, BeCook! has allowed entrepreneurs to launch their business projects in a real shared production space. The BeCook! workshop has been recognized as a player in the circular economy by the Brussels-Capital Region since 2020. If you want to know more about entrepreneurship and this innovative sharing formula, come and discover BeCook! with your students.

Price: €120 excl. VAT

FORMULA B (1h30)

How about putting yourself in the shoes of a chef and preparing a simple vegan dessert and discovering the benefits that are linked to it, all in a good atmosphere led by someone passionate? At the end of the workshop, the participants, the students take their culinary creations home. Enjoy a memorable experience with your students.

Price: €225 excl. VAT

Also available for birthday parties.

Languages: FR/NL/EN
Group: Max 10 ppl or max 12 kids under the age of 13
Age: 6 years and up 

For other groups

FORMULA A (45min)

Culinary demonstration by the chef on the technique of a vegan recipe, all in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. During this activity, participants will have the opportunity to taste what the chef has concocted. Experience a pleasant moment with your colleagues.

Price: €250 excl. VAT

FORMULA B (1h30)

How about getting your hands dirty and preparing a vegan dessert and then decorating it with your company's logo, all in a good atmosphere led by someone experienced and passionate? At the end of the workshop, participants take their culinary creations home. Enjoy a memorable experience with your colleagues.

Price: €350 excl. VAT

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