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ENTREPRENEURSHIP: what is it the secret?

To be an entrepreneur isn’t easy as it’s not something you are born with. It’s a behaviour, a life style that must be pursued, must be practised and must be bettered. Entrepreneurship is a process that concerns the organization, the development and the ability to run a business, to generate a profit, while also taking risks. Easier said than done, as this is just the theoretical definition, the real explanation what is it? What’s actually like to be an entrepreneur?

To quote one of the most progressive and pioneer of the American animation industry: “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to persue them.” – Walt Disney.


One must take risks, realize what is better not just for you, but for the whole group, for those who support you. To be able to do great things, one has to be able to lean on others, to trust others, and to make themselves worth of trust. Sometimes the motto “do not let others do, what you could do perfectly yourself” is not always the right point of view. Obviously, to lean on others doesn’t involve to let others do everything. One of the keys to success: being able to rationalize duties.

“Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.”, said Oprah Winfrey in one of the episodes of her famous American Show.

However, what is necessary to be a successful entrepreneur? There is no right answer, only common sense.

As one of the greatest fashion icon and female entrepreneur once said: “The only way of doing something in dept is to work hard.” – Miuccia Prada.

Firstly, it’s vital to be ready to fail, to be ready to fall and start over many times. If a person wants to enter this world, needs to be resilient, ready to changes; one has to be openminded and able to take risks, as they need to be understanding of the fact that when one does start and enters this path the vice or the habit of blaming their own mistakes on others must be left behind as it won’t take them anywhere.

Secondly, before being able to start and succeed in business, take the opportunities that come your way. Many entrepreneurs are successful after three or more times, and they do that thanks to creativity, motivation, curiosity, or the need to be a better version of themselves allows them to dare more, but especially they do not let other do what they could have been perfectly able to do alone. This explains what has been said previously: it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to admit to have lost, or failed, but it’s not okay to be listless or lazy.

So, the only person who will ever be responsible for your failures and success, is actually YOU. Therefore, as Tom Vandeberg explained in one of his articles, there’s no bad or good God, Godness or Universe that tries to take one down, but there’s always one that has more initiative or desire or intuition than others. Blaming other for our own failures is always the easy way to go, except it’s usually wrong, because working on our attitude before attacking others’ is the real challenge.

“If we want to succeed badly enough in any given endeavour, and we keep on striving toward our goal, then we will succeed, regardless of the obstacles” – Tom Vandeberg.


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