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Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Catering kitchen rental: the ideal space for your culinary activity

Looking for a catering kitchen to rent? Discover all that BeCook has to offer and launch your culinary project in complete safety. Catering kitchen rentals are a smart choice for culinary professionals looking for a space tailored to their specific needs. Whether you're an established caterer or an up-and-coming chef, our kitchen rental service will meet all your expectations, providing you with a practical and functional working environment.

Location local cuisine traiteur

Are you looking for a specific kitchen space to rent? Our offer includes premises tailored to your culinary requirements. Whether you need a hot, cold, large or small kitchen, or a specific environment to develop your culinary concept, we can help you find the ideal premises. Click on each image to see a virtual tour of each kitchen.

La denrée

  • Diamond fridge

  • Small standard equipment (racks, whisks, scales, etc.)

Chez septime













  • Superbly equipped hot kitchen

  • 10-deck ovens 

  • Pans

  • Large saute pan

  • Stainless steel tables

  • Diamond fridge

  • Rapid cooler

  • Small standard equipment (pots, pans, dishes, etc.)


Le grand pôle


  • Cold kitchen

  • Diamond fridge

  • Small standard equipment (potholders, whisks, etc.)



Le petit pôle

  • Cold kitchen

  • Small standard equipment, such as a food processor and a mixer

2019-02-08 16.27.52.jpg

Catering kitchen equipment: professional equipment

Our kitchens are fully equipped with high-quality professional equipment. By opting for our rental service, you can enjoy all the benefits of a fully equipped kitchen without the high initial costs associated with buying expensive space and equipment. Whether you need kitchen space for a specific event or for long-term use, our flexible offer adapts to your needs.

Among the equipment included are the following:

Catering oven rental

Electrolux 10-deck air-o-steam oven with handles



Small kitchen equipment





















If you still have questions about our offer or about starting your own business, don't hesitate to contact us. BeCook has a solution for you!

2019-02-08 16.27.20.jpg
2019-02-08 16.30.32.jpg
Kitchen BeCook II.jpg
hot kitchen-BeCook - Copy.jpg


How to become a caterer: Complete Guide

Have you always dreamed of becoming a caterer and sharing your love of food with the world? Are you passionate about the culinary arts and aspire to create unforgettable gastronomic experiences for your customers? Whether you're a budding chef or an aspiring professional looking to launch your own business, BeCook will help you with this comprehensive guide, accompanying you step by step on your journey to a promising career as a caterer.


Becoming a Caterer: The Essential Steps

Embarking on the adventure of becoming a caterer requires following a few key steps. First, it's essential to develop solid culinary skills, master dish preparation techniques and perfect the art of presentation. Next, cultivate essential qualities such as creativity, flexibility and stress management, which are indispensable in the catering world.

To succeed as a caterer, it's important to gain experience by working in professional kitchens or doing internships in renowned establishments. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the challenges and demands of the profession, while strengthening your culinary skills. Here are five essential steps to becoming a caterer:

  1. Acquire culinary skills: Start by developing your culinary skills by attending training courses, working in professional kitchens or taking courses to master food preparation techniques and perfect the art of presentation.

  2. Cultivate creativity and flexibility: As a caterer, you'll be required to create varied menus and adapt to the specific needs of each customer. Cultivate your culinary creativity to propose original and innovative dishes that will seduce your customers.

  3. Gaining experience: To succeed as a caterer, it's essential to gain experience by working in renowned culinary establishments or through internships. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the challenges of the trade and strengthen your culinary skills.

  4. Develop a professional network: Build a solid professional network by connecting with other chefs, food industry professionals and potential customers. Word-of-mouth and referrals play a crucial role in catering success.

  5. Setting up your own business or freelancing: Decide whether you want to set up your own catering business or work as a freelancer for existing establishments. Draw up a solid business plan and implement a marketing strategy to promote your services and attract customers.

Become an Event Caterer: Shine for Special Moments

If you aspire to delight palates at special events, becoming an event caterer may be the ideal path for you. To succeed in this field, you need to be able to create customized menus based on the needs and preferences of each client. You'll also need to develop event management skills to ensure impeccable organization of weddings, parties or receptions.

To stand out from the crowd in the event catering sector, you'll need to be original and innovative in your culinary creations. Offer unique concepts that will impress your customers and make every event an unforgettable experience.


BeCook's kitchens are ideal for you in this case: you choose your hours, your workload and the frequency with which you work. Contact us to help your business succeed

Become a Travelling Caterer: Conquering New Territories

If the idea of discovering new culinary horizons appeals to you, becoming an itinerant caterer could be the ideal solution. By opting for this path, you'll have the opportunity to travel from one place to another, offering your culinary delights to gourmets in search of new discoveries.

The key to success as an itinerant caterer lies in good logistical planning. Make sure you choose strategic locations where you can reach your target audience. Be prepared to adapt to different conditions and create diversified menus to appeal to a varied clientele.


Becoming a Self-Employed Caterer : The Culinary Entrepreneur

If you dream of owning your own culinary business, becoming a self-employed caterer is the way to go. However, before you take the plunge, it's essential to carry out thorough market research to understand the needs and expectations of your future customers.

To succeed as a culinary entrepreneur, draw up a solid business plan that defines your concept, target audience, financial objectives and marketing strategy. Keep in mind that running your own business takes dedication, organization and a lot of hard work.

Catering Training: The Key to Success

To achieve excellence as a caterer, training plays a crucial role. Explore the various culinary training options available, from specialized courses in catering to apprenticeship programs in traditional cuisine.


At BeCook, we offer the necessary hygiene training, as well as food and business coaching, but it never hurts to upgrade your skills. Here are 3 training suggestions that can help you become a caterer too:


  • Professional cooking training: This course will teach you the basics of professional cooking, including preparation techniques, cooking methods, stock management and food safety. It will give you the culinary skills you need to succeed as a caterer.

  • Business management training: As a caterer, you'll also be responsible for managing your business, including event planning, financial management, marketing and customer communication. Business management training will help you acquire the skills you need to effectively manage your catering business.

  • Pastry and dessert training: If you want to specialize in desserts and pastries as a caterer, dedicated pastry and dessert training will be a valuable asset. You'll learn how to create a variety of delicious desserts, from cakes to fine pastries, to satisfy your customers' taste buds.

Home catering: Complying with regulations

If you're thinking of becoming a home caterer, it's essential to understand the regulations in force to guarantee the quality of your products and the satisfaction of your customers.

Comply with food safety standards, legal obligations and hygiene rules so you can operate in full compliance. Make sure your kitchen is adapted to professional standards to offer quality services while ensuring food safety.

Auto-Entrepreneur Traiteur : Your Creative Freedom

Opting for auto-entrepreneur status gives you greater freedom in managing your culinary business. It makes it easier for you to get your business off the ground and try out different approaches without too much red tape.

Be ready to express your culinary creativity and win the hearts of gourmets with your unique creations. Make sure you manage your finances well, keep track of your income and expenses, and build up a loyal clientele.

In brief

Whatever your goal, whether it's to become an event caterer, itinerant, home-based or self-employed, this comprehensive guide will give you all the keys you need to realize your culinary passion and make your project a resounding success. Follow your passion, hone your skills and enter the exciting world of gastronomy as an accomplished caterer!


Join the community of entrepreneurs in the BeCook spaces! in a pleasant and caring atmosphere that accompanies you throughout your experience. 

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