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All about HACCP training

In this article, you will find out:

  1. HACCP, what is it?

  2. Is it mandatory?

  3. What is the role of a HACCP coach?

  4. How to attend a HACCP training?

L’HACCP, what is it ?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a system that guarantees hygiene and food safety during all food processing.

HACCP training enables professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to manage their catering activity in hygienic conditions in compliance with regulations.

HACCP training is suitable for catering companies, caterers, bakeries, food processing companies and industrial kitchens.

This method is based on 7 principles :

In addition to being a training, the HACCP is therefore a procedure.

Did you know? This method was developed by NASA as part of the Apollo space program to prevent and eliminate any biological, chemical or physical danger for astronauts as much as possible. It was the first draft of the HACCP method!

The method focuses on food hygiene through 3 classes of hazards:

  • Biological hazard (viruses, bacteria, etc.)

  • The chemical danger (additives, pesticides, etc.)

  • Physical hazard (material/food interaction, etc.)

This information are available here.

Is the HACCP method mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory since October 1, 2012 for catering professionals who offer consumption on site. It must therefore be followed from the moment the products are offered for immediate consumption.

Catering professionals must have at least 1 person among their staff trained in the HACCP method.

For more information, click here.

However, some individuals may be exempted from taking the training in the following cases:

  • If they have at least 3 years experience as a manager or operator in a food sector business

  • If they have a certain diploma or have followed a training course indicated in the list of the decree of November 25, 2011, available here.

Why take HACCP training ?

Not only is it mandatory (see previous point), but it allows you to know the basics of the hygiene rules you must follow in case of sanitary control.

Allergen management can also be addressed to ensure full compliance with legal requirements regarding allergen information and labeling.

Thanks to this trainig, you will learn :

  • How to store food safely;

  • How to manage non-compliant products and traceability;

  • How to implement a Sanitary Control Plan (SCP) to guarantee the safety of food delivered to customers;

  • What the Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) are

Duration of the training: minimum 14 hours spread over 2 days.

For more information, click here

What is the role of a HACCP coach?

Annemie Bert, food safety adviser, tells us about it:

"The HACCP coach is an independent expert who assists and guides catering and food production companies to fully comply with the applicable HACCP guidelines and legislation.

An HACCP audit is carried out to map and evaluate critical control points in the workplace, such as layout, temperature measurement, cleaning plan, labeling, FIFO, HACCP documentation, processing and storage of food products."

How to attend HACCP training ?

Attending this training does not require any prerequisite. As soon as you are an entrepreneur wishing to start a commercial catering activity, you have access to it!

We will inform you on our social networks about the different training courses you can attend!

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