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Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Rent a shared kitchen to make your culinary project a success

Are you looking for a practical, collaborative solution for your culinary passion? Discover BeCook with our professional shared kitchens in Brussels. It's a dynamic environment where chefs, caterers, food processors and cooking enthusiasts rent kitchens by the hour, individually. Peer-to-peer networking and exchange of ideas.

Shared kitchen in Brussels: located in Laeken

Our shared kitchen in Brussels is specially designed to meet the needs of gastronomy and food professionals. With modern equipment, a functional space and a suitable infrastructure, our kitchen offers an environment conducive to creativity and productivity. Whether you're an established chef, an aspiring caterer or a culinary entrepreneur, our kitchens share a professional workplace to develop your ideas and your business. See the different kitchens at BeCook:

Cokitchen and kitchen coworking

Cokitchen and Kitchen coworking are both focused on providing a shared space for food preparation, but with nuances in their approach:


The concept focuses specifically on the rental of fully equipped kitchens to culinary professionals, such as chefs, caterers or culinary craftsmen, so that they can carry out their activity in a suitable environment. It's a practical solution for those who need a dedicated space to develop their culinary business.


In addition to functional workspace, we offer you the flexibility to adjust your use according to your needs: you rent the kitchens you need, for the time you need them, by the hour. 


Whether you're an established professional or a budding entrepreneur, Becook offers you the ideal workspace to develop your culinary business in an environment conducive to creativity and growth.

Coworking kitchen space

On the other hand, kitchen coworking is a broader concept that encompasses the sharing of a common workspace, including a kitchen, for different professionals, whether related to gastronomy or other fields. It aims to encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas between the occupants of the space, thereby fostering a dynamic and creative working environment.


The Coworking kitchen also offers valuable flexibility. Whether you need a temporary workspace, an occasional space or a venue for culinary events, our versatile space will meet your needs. You'll benefit from a high-quality infrastructure, modern equipment and an environment conducive to creativity, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.


At BeCook, all the kitchens are individually designed, all in a workshop where several professionals carry out their work. In any case, you can have a kitchen with a partner for coworking in the same kitchen.

Join the community of entrepreneurs in the BeCook spaces! in a pleasant and caring atmosphere that accompanies you throughout your experience. 

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