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Who are we?

The team

Co-founder of the food production company Bons Plaisirs and the co-kitchen workshop "BeCook!” formerly known as BFBC.

With over 25 years of experience in the business world, I accompany start-ups and SMEs to establish their business strategy.

Philippe Thewissen, co-founder and manager.

With several years of experience in food research and development, I have specialized in the realization of take-away meals and desserts for stores and distributors. Through my experience, I have developed the “6-step food quality methodology”.

Need advice on food quality and manufacturing processes?

I am the right person for you.

Sara Dirkx, co-founder and manager.

Be an active participant in sustainability

Being a GoodFood Ambassador, we aim to support and guide you in your sustainable approach. In addition, our expertise as a certified company in the circular economy can also benefit you. Whether it is the production process or following hygiene regulations, our experience in this industry allows us to guide you in making your food project successful.

Winner of the Award '21 for the most sustainable initiative

​BeCook! is honored to have been chosen as the best project in the category “Sustainable initiative” in a contest organized by award: Best project “Sustainable initiative”

Savings over 3 year:

40.77 tons of sheet metal

12.84 tons of PIR (polyisocyanurate)

176.9 tons of CO2

278.47 tons of waste

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