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Time for change!

This change may upset some people…

“Brussels Food Business Center“ will become “BeCook!“. A new name that reflects our values for our community’s and company’s spirit.

Through this evolution towards "BeCook!", we wish to give more importance to the success factors of your Food projects. This change means an enlarged offer and new services thanks to the expertise developed for 3 years. Our co kitchen service still stands and we offer a sustainable workshop of individual and professional kitchen spaces, open 24/7, for entrepreneurs and future food project owners.

As for our new services, we offer coaching, consulting and digitalization.

Coaching sessions in the field of management and production processes to accompany you in the elaboration of your business plan and in the design of an optimal hygiene plan. "BeCook! will help you anticipate and solve your mistakes in order to increase your production efficiently and thus improve the profitability of your project.

Benefit from our expertise in consulting, according to the 6-steps method! "BeCook! offers you, on the one hand, a Production Consultancy guided by Sara Dirkx, co-founder and manager. She'll guides you in improving your production processes. Then there’s Philippe Thewissen, co-founder and manager of BeCook! offers you a Business Consultancy in order to establish a business strategy and to improve your performance.

Nowadays, the food sector needs to be digitalized in order to improve and increase its visibility which will optimize the performance and thus improve the development of your business. We have tools that will allow you to manage your food business easily and efficiently. It will also allow you to plan and obtain food safety reports, monitor the execution of these tasks and manage your online orders with great ease and efficiency.

Curious ? Go check out our new website : !

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