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The importance of hygiene procedures in the kitchen

This article is based on FASFC information and standards!

What is the FASFC? What is their role ?

The FASFC or Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain was founded in 2000. It plays a monitoring role and ensures the safety of the food chain but also the quality of food to protect the health of humans, fauna and flora.

What is the food chain?

The food chain is a succession of different elements that begins with the production of "primary" products such as animals, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, ... by agriculture. Then, these products are transformed into food and feed in the processing industries. For all stages of production and transport, legislation exists and the FASFC ensures that it is respected.

What exactly does the FASFC control?

The control visits of the FASFC are based on 3 axes in addition to the hygiene visits:

  • The traceability;

  • Mandatory notification;

  • Self-checking;

Personal hygiene

Hygiene is the most important element of food safety, therefore personal hygiene is the first step. The risk of contamination can be reduced through general personal hygiene and impeccable hand hygiene. Before you start your culinary adventure with us, BeCook! a hygiene training according to the FASFC standards is offered in the different packages.

Layout of the kitchen spaces and equipment

The layout of a kitchen space is not made at random, a direction of circulation must be established to limit the crossing of products and thus limit the risk of contamination. The operation of a company starts with the maintenance of the work spaces:

  • Regular maintenance of the work areas to avoid contamination;

  • General order with waste storage, water evacuation system or maintained premises;

  • Sufficiently large spaces for hygienic operation.

Cleaning in the kitchen

In order to achieve optimum hygiene, it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning in addition to the daily maintenance. During this periodic thorough cleaning, the kitchen equipment is dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. In this way, impurities that have accumulated in hard-to-reach places are removed.

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