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How well do you know Sara?

Sara Dirkx: co-founder of BeCook - Co-kitchen Space, (formerly known as Brussels Food Business Center)

More about Sara:

With several years of experience in research, development and processing in the food sector, in the realization and implementation of hygiene procedures according to the standards of the FASFC, I have acquired a specialization in the field of HACCP and in sharing solutions (infrastructure, logistics, raw materials,...).

I developed these competences by starting several projects in the food sector, BeCook is my most recent project.

And BeCook:

BeCook is a business incubator born out of the desire to support food projects, however varied they may be. Its objective? To ensure that we collectively take part in positive change.

The mission of BeCook is to offer to rent professional and individual kitchens for all types of food entrepreneurs, for those with defined projects and for more indecisive starters. The concept of collective kitchens allows a sharing of space and equipment. This formula favors the reduction of their energy consumption and therefore favors the circular economy.

Our kitchens are perfectly located in the commune of Laeken, in just a minute you’re at Tour et Taxis between the Ring and the city center. This makes our kitchens perfect for home or office deliveries with Uber Eats Takeaway, Deliveroo, etc…

BeCook makes it easier for customers to work by not only providing kitchens meeting FASFC norms but also storage spaces, and by offering expert advice on food preparation.

On top of that, I help our customers obtain their bio-certificate and I offer cooking classes for team building exercises and for school trips.

I am also very engaged in the circular economy. In fact, the BeCook project has recently been recognized as a circular enterprise.

My expectations? To know more members in order to create social ties and new partnerships.

A sentence that inspires Sara:

"If you want to multiply joy, you have to share it" – Pythagoras


Sara Dirkx


BeCookco-kitchen space

Pépinière d’entreprise dans l’alimentaire et Ambassadeur du GoodFood

Incubator in de voedingswereld en GoodFood Ambassadeur

(Rue) Dieudonné Lefèvre(straat) 27 (Greenbizz)

B-1020 Bruxelles/Brussel

+ 32 495 14 63 29

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