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Happy Chinese New Year everyone !

In the world of entrepreneurship, it is important to learn about all the cultures of the world in order to become an efficient and versatile entrepreneur. By the way, today is a very special day as it is the Chinese New Year! That's why we want to introduce you to one of these cultures which is Chinese entrepreneurship.

Nowadays, this culture is reflected through many qualities such as adaptability, anticipation, an optimistic state of mind, a developed sense of relationship and a constant vision on the future.

There are many profiles of Chinese entrepreneurs who have had remarkable career paths. That's why we are taking the opportunity to introduce you to 2 types of interesting profiles so that you can perhaps identify with one of them and get inspired.

An entrepreneur who started from scratch and never attended school. This situation did not prevent him from being hard-working and visionary. On the contrary, it even allowed him to become a self-taught person and to develop his capacity to adapt constantly.

Coming from the Y generation, he is completely comfortable with the use of the web, leisure and entertainment. He is a dreamer and eager to learn. If he has the opportunity, he will go abroad to fully develop his knowledge and start new projects.

In China, entrepreneurship is extremely centered around the desire to learn and flexibility. Being very patriotic, these people want to participate in the growth of their country.

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