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Happiness to consume on the spot...

Friends, in the time to come, in the festive air, warming up molecule by molecule, there is a remission of the symptoms affecting humanity, and it is also through the belly that everything is played out.

The Christmas season is a particularly moving time of the year that has always held this unique and privileged place in our hearts. Whatever the generation, young and old alike, let's all enjoy this warm moment of pause and meditation, both with ourselves and with those around us.

This timeless bubble suspended between worlds, almost enchanted, closes a well-tried chapter, to announce another path full of hope for the New Year.

This moment is the perfect opportunity for sharing. Everyone can witness the fact that many of the virtues dear to humanity are restored to their former glory during this enlightened interlude: there is benevolence, generosity, listening, solidarity, tolerance.

A long awaited truce

The magic of Christmas is even present where you don't expect it. In the trenches during the First World War, the belligerents on both sides were anxious to silence the fire of arms when the breath of Christmas Eve fell on them. Instead of the thundering shouting and screaming that had been heard until now, a thick, fraternal silence around an honest but sober meal, improvised with the means at hand, imposed itself on the icy night of December 24, 1914. This unforgettable moment of grace will mark the memories, the collective stories and will enter the history books. Many years later, other theaters of conflict would also respond positively to this wise ritual, now known throughout the world as the Christmas Truce.

The expression goes far beyond the realities of military conflicts today, but describes in a broader sense the irrepressible need for brotherhood and collegiality that makes us exceptionally set aside the sad passions that are usually part of the everyday life, the superior will of a humanity, breathless from the torments of daily life, to find itself behind the symbol of a word with healing power: sharing.

"The best meal is the one you share with friends"

Wherever it takes place, the common denominator of the Christmas meal is the gathering of individuals around a tasty and authentic moment, like the glow of a campfire that warms souls and hearts. This annual meal is in all its dimensions a moment of sharing, beyond borders, beyond conflicts, beyond moods.

Very often, we want it to be perfect, that is to say, at the supreme height of what it should embody in our eyes. Then comes for some of us the weight of an immense stress as for the choice to be made between the dishes that we already imagine decorating the table, the anguishing alchemy of the right preparation in time, in hour, in volume, when it is not the fear of not being able to support financially the cost of a festive meal only by the inanity of an inordinate ambition we wish to be grandiose in just measure of the affection that we carry to our close relations.

However, it would be a pity to waste such a precious moment by burdening ourselves with useless tensions that happen to want to do too much well.

Back to the essence of things

This rather special edition of Christmas will obviously not allow us to organize large tables with dozens of guests.

More than in any other year, we could possibly think about this Christmas meal, certainly qualitatively but also very simply, without too much effort and with affordable budgets.

It is also possible, if one wishes, not to betray one' s quality standards, to use fresh products from local production, concerned about the environment, the cycles of nature and animal welfare.

Affordable solutions within everyone's reach

Nowadays actually, the special Christmas offer from caterers and restaurateurs has grown considerably to become an increasingly popular trend during the festive season.

The range of take-away erases gradually the gap that used to exist between a top-of-the-range offer, high quality but unaffordable for many households, and one that is accessible to the greatest number of people but not always up to the occasion.

Nowadays, it is possible to order a complete holiday menu for the whole family with a wide variety of refined products without having to go broke.

Thanks to the evolution of digital tools, ever more intuitive and dynamic, we no longer count the platforms and other apps dedicated to the ordering and home delivery of Christmas meals.

"Click and collect", and the rest of the time to yourself

Via the website of the caterer of your choice, the entire ordering process is designed to make your experience easier. The dishes are individually packaged, which allows great freedom of choice for each guest. You choose what you want to eat, select the quantity. You are delivered at the desired day and time. Some delivery services allow you to follow the route of your order, while others send you a text message 15 minutes before delivery. If you wish, you can also come and pick up your order yourself. There are many small restaurants and other caterers near you that will allow you to spend the most delicious Christmas Eve.

Whatever you choose, someone is at your door!

Your order is here. It has crossed the city to you and is now at your entire disposal. All you have to do now is put it in the oven at the right time and enjoy your meal in friendship and sharing with your loved ones, around the fire, real or imaginary, putting the thread of our lives on hold on this night of December 24th, 2020.

Mery Christmas to all !!!

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