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Everything you need to know to become a independent woman

Currently the population consists of 50% of women. According to statistics, it takes a woman between one and two years to find a job, while that number is two months for a man. However, we are lucky to have women who do not let themselves be taken advantage of! Organizations like the WomenPreneur-Initiative were created thanks to female solidarity. The WomenPreneur-Initiative, the incredible organization that fights for the independence of women

Based in Brussels, it has developed its activities throughout Belgium, as well as in the Mena region (Middle East and North Africa). This organization has supported more than 15,000 women and since 2016, they have been helping women find their place in society and the world of employment. t is now reaching out to areas like technology and innovation.

WomenPreneur-Initiative also offers a variety of innovative experiences, leadership programs, events and even technology education and mentoring courses. The goals of WomenPreneur-Initiative

The goals of this incredible organization are to find impactful solutions to women's inequality in order to create revolutionary change within society and the economic sector. It has spoken at universities, roundtables and international events in over 40 countries. WomenPreneur-initiative has appeared on various channels and media; Huffingtonpost, Devex, PeopleTV, El Pais, NATO Association, Le Matin, Orange Magazine.

This inspiring organization aims to showcase female talent and rebuild the best beliefs and ideas on gender issues. WomenPreneur-Initiative’s visit at BeCook!

WomenPreneur-Initiative visited BeCook! a co-working space concept in the world of sustainable food. A co-kitchen space that provides individual professional kitchens with support for any project owner who wants to start a food processing business (caterer, pastry chef, processor, cookie maker, etc.) in Brussels. During the visit, WomenPreneur-initiative had the opportunity to discover different exciting projects at BeCook!If they want, these women can also easily start a food project.

Becoming an independent woman Now that you have learned about this organization, you know that you are not alone in starting your own business. With the help of the WomenPreneur-initiative and BeCook! your project can take off. Let's fight together against inequalities towards women and let's build together the society of tomorrow !

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