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Discover Crossflow Nutrition

Discover Crossflow Nutrition, a start-up in Brussels specialized in wellness and health.

Crossflow Nutrition offers you a customized program which includes advice and support focused on nutrition (70%) and sports (30%).

Crossflow Nutrition is not a diet, but a training with simple steps to make your nutrition no longer a mystery to you.

Crossflow's unique recipe ?

Advice based on your caloric storage, your morphology, and your blood type, all while eating better.

The mastermind behind Crossflow ?

Louis Philippe Arty.

Follow his advice and/or training to regain your energy and physical shape.

What is the concept of Crossflow for companies?

At Crossflow Nutrition, we are convinced that you can offer your employees a caring environment that will:

  • Promote their well-being, motivation, mood, energy and concentration;

  • Improve the atmosphere at work;

  • Increase their immunity and awareness to diseases.

About Louis Philippe Arty

Louis Philippe Arty was a nutritionist and following a tragic event in 2014 nutrition became an important part of his life.

Since then, he graduated in nutrition and specialized in macro food calculation.

He helped individuals and companies to get the most out of their meals.

In 2017, he launched Crossflow Nutrition.

After an awfully tragic accident in 2020, Louis-Phillippe passed away at too young an age. But his legacy will go on as long as his business Crossflow exists.

For more information about Crossflow, please contact the company at +32 486 52 82 44 or via [email protected]

And find out how Crossflow can help you get back in shape with better nutrition!

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