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Co-working vs BeCook! Twins?

Co-working is the concept of a shared work space made available to individual workers to allow them to meet and share their resources. This work model is praised a lot by companies, start ups, investors and independent workers. Between 2015 and 2019 co-working spaces were booming with a 20% growth!

With the pandemic, this way of working has been replaced by remote working. Although at first glance working from home seems like the best solution for fighting against the health crisis, is it humanly speaking ideal?

Working from home decreases social interactions, to the point of isolation and can make it hard to separate personal life from work life.

Co-working offers a work dynamic, office material and allows workers to re-socialize.

And where does BeCook come in all this? Have you heard of the concept “co-kitchen space” before?

It’s a new genre of co-working, focusing on food. It's a formula that allows people to launch their business without any risks. You can easily test and finalize your food project. Another upside to the co-kitchen space is the attractive pricing and the fact that you only pay what you use. When starting a business, it's smart to have little to no fixed costs to be able to benefit from a larger profit margin and to easily withdraw if the company goes bankrupt. As you can see, the concept of a co-kitchen is also an excellent test for estimating the viability of your project. In case of inconclusive results, it will be easier for you to leave the project or to postpone it to a later date, but above all, it is the perfect springboard to launch and develop quickly.

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