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BeCook! in the world of youth entrepreneurship

BeCook! actively participates in conferences and networking events to raise the interest of young people in entrepreneurship.

There was, for example, the Future is here project organized by 100 000 entrepreneurs Belgique, in Brussels, and dedicated to budding entrepreneurs, project holders, startup members, students or apprentices between 18 and 30 years old.

The goal was to challenge their projects, during one day, in front of coaches and a jury of experts.

A FoodHack networking took place in Brussels and during this one there was the intervention of Cutie-pie, a client of BeCook!

Sara Dirkx, co-founder and manager of BeCook!, was invited to the American Embassy for the presentation of certificates to young Belgians (French and Dutch speaking) who followed the program on English negotiation methodology.

Thanks to Pathways, these students have now mastered the techniques that will enable them to successfully conduct a negotiation.

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