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Barley's Dog Food, the new formula for our four-legged friends !

Have you heard of Barley’s yet ?

Barley's is a company that aims to provide healthy, local and sustainable food for our four-legged friends. By reusing food waste such as malted barley, they have created a special recipe for dog food that is very rich in protein and fiber. Barley's also offers insect-based kibble that is more environmentally friendly. And on top of that, dogs love their cookies!

Barley's has a production in the circular economy: not only do they reduce food waste but they also participate in the reduction of carbon emissions.

Your dog's healthy formula :

Quality :

Insects contain essential amino acids to ensure high quality protein and boost the immune system. Barley malt is an essential source of fiber for quality nutrition.

Tolerance :

To provide relief for dogs sensitive to conventional meats, their insect kibbles are hypoallergenic and single protein. Barley malt makes the food more digestible.

Sustainability :

All of their products are made with primarily local raw materials. By using insects and recycling malted barley, Barley's reduces our impact on the planet.

Antibiotic-free :

Unlike farm animals, insects never get sick.

Why this formula ?

Insects are a sustainable solution to our dogs' protein diet.

Insects do not need farmland, their reproduction emits very little carbon dioxide and does not require much water. Unlike humans, dogs have no aversion to insects, they love them. The quality of their kibble and treats is of primary importance to our dogs. That's why their kibbles contain no preservatives, no additives, no coloring, no artificial flavors. They cold-press the food to preserve trace elements and vitamins. The ingredients are selected according to their nutritional qualities for the well-being of dogs


Animals no longer have to die to end up in our dogs' bowls

The impact that human beings have on the planet is essential for survival. Barley's is part of the circular and sustainable economy. Dogs love their kibble. So why not give them a try? Our non-human friends are very energetic and happy after eating their cookies. Let's save our planet together and support sustainable projects.

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